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IBM Branded HP Replacement Cartridges

Listening to the Needs of Customer
Customers have asked IBM to deliver an alternative to high priced HP LaserJet toner cartridges. You want to save money and experience the comfort of IBM quality. We met these demands by producing a line of IBM branded HP Replacement Toner Cartridges.

The entire line of IBM branded HP Replacement Toner Cartridges is manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities, ensuring exceptional quality and performance

We know that IBM quality makes customers comfortable. We took it one step further by providing a great low price. Value and quality . . . that’s comforting.

Cost Effective

IBM Laser Cartridge helps cost saving while maintaining high standard of quality printing. Thanks to continuous development of technology and quality.

Immediate saving of between 20% to 30% vs. Original Laser Cartridges. A high quality of printing also results in a saving on paper that brings additional overall cost savings per page for you.

IBM brings overall cost saving without risks

Health & Safety Solution

IBM cares about consumer safety & health.
Tested to ensure highest safety.

IBM Laser Cartridges High Quality Solutions commits to ensuring user safety. It is our priority that users can rest assured that, the Laser Cartridges meet certain world leading safety standards.

European REACH Safety Standard EC1907/2006 with safety information data. Substances used are safe under:

  • RoHS 2002/95/EC Standard
  • DIN 33870 guides the steps of processing, quality requirements, health safety and test methods including AMES test
  • BG Prufzert Certified to ensure the toner powder contains no harmful substances
  • AMES Test passed – no carcinogenic substances used

High Performance

Every IBM laser cartridge is produced to meet or exceed the OEM performance

Environmental Friendly

Product life cycle managed following Zero-Waste commitment

IBM Warranty Assurance

One year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. IBM would reimburse the actual cost of repairs required to correct printer damage caused.